1) Surah Shuttle Embroidery Fabric: 100% cotton machine embroidery, carving embroidery,water solution lace,dichromatic embroidery, etc.
2) Tatting Dress Fabric: high-count and high-density dyeing fabric, printing fabric, colour woven fabric, elastic fabric, flax fabric, ramie fabric; T/R,T/C,N/C,CVC,L/CT/R,T/C,N/C,CVC,L/C blended & interleaving, dyeing, printing, elastic.
3) Extra Wide HomeTextile Fabric: dyeing, printing, big jacquard colored fabric, polyester/cotton/rayon blended & interleaving fabric.
4) Pure Tencel: tencel cotton, modal, blended & interleaving leisure dyeing, printing, colour woven fabric.
5) Yarn: pure cotton mercerized color yarn, high class knitted yarn, pure cotton embroidery yarn.
6) Terylene Fabric: colour woven terylene, pure terylene, full memory & simulated memory, all sides elastic colour fabric, printing fabric.
7) Function Fabric: waterproof, oilproof, antipollution, crease-resistant & wash-and-wear, shape memory, press polishing, press the flower, PU/PA,oil-Surface adhesive.